We're a family business dedicated to your family.

Erich Campana Bail Bonds is founded by agent Erich Campana. Erich comes from a family of bondsmen. His mother and father started their own bail business in the 1980's. Erich has drawn from his experience helping his family's bail bond company to start his own. We service the entire Bay Area, and with our national network of professional and trusted bond agents, are able to bond your loved ones in other counties of California, and even other states.

Erich Campana Bail Bonds is part of the nationwide ExpertBail™ Network.

Our promise to you.

We understand that if you are seeking a bonding company, that you are going through a difficult time. Erich Campana Bail Bonds makes it our strict policy to maintain neutrality, all while providing you with the information you need and the compassion your situation requires.

Erich Campana, Bondsman